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How to adjust the speed of the plasma cutting machine

How to adjust the speed of the plasma cutting machine


When it comes to adjusting the speed of Plasma Cutting Machines, we should first understand what factors are affected by them. The influencing factors are the model of the Cutting Machine, the material of the cutting workpiece, the input voltage of the cutting site, and the working gas and flow rate. Understand the factors that affect the cutting speed. In the following content, we will introduce the adjustment method in detail.
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The first thing we need to understand is that different auxiliary cutting gas cutting speed specifications are also different. Taking air plasma arc cutting as an example, when cutting carbon steel plate, 200A cutting current is standard, 6mm thickness carbon steel plate cutting speed can reach 2300mm/min, and when the plate thickness is adjusted to 30mm, cutting speed is limited to 600mm. The cutting effect and quality can be guaranteed within /min. If you switch to other auxiliary cutting gas, such as cutting with pure oxygen, the cutting speed is reduced more. At the same cutting current of 200A, although the pure oxygen plasma cutting of 6mm thickness carbon steel can be increased to 2500mm/min, it is cut for 30mm carbon steel plate. The speed is only 350mm/min. Thus, in order to adjust the speed of the Plasma Cutting Machine, we should first control the thickness of the auxiliary equipment.

In general, as a CNC cutting device, the staff should increase the cutting speed as much as possible while ensuring the cutting quality of the plasma cutting machine. This not only increases productivity, but also reduces the amount of deformation of the cut parts and the heat affected area of the slotted area. If the cutting speed is not suitable, the effect is reversed, and the sticking slag is increased, and the cutting quality is lowered.

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